An Introduction to the Starkelaw Blog Service.

This Blog is provided as a service. As it grows, articles will be added in each category and there are separate articles for Trade Secrets, Discrimination of Federal Employees and Sex Discrimination. We hope your visits to “Under the Blog and Over the Top”℠ proves to be fruitful and provides insights. Thank you for reading.

The Entertainment Law, Trademarks & Copyrights are dealt with, in two tiers. Because of the traditional lack of information for those who wish to pursue careers in the entertainment business, we have created a special Blog. We hope that the information in the “101″ series will be helpful when beginning to pursue careers or interests in the music and allied businesses. The 101′s in every subject are created as introductions to all topics. The second

Other topics are dealt with regard to similar subject matter. For example, the areas of Entertainment Law collide with copyrights, trademarks and Service Marks. Suggested areas that have things in common will note various subjects. For example there may be a trademark case or issue. This kind of issue may pertain to Entertainment Law as well as to Trademark Law. We have attempted to associate the Blogs that have similar relationships, because in the Entertainment Biz, we frequently become involved in those issues. Thank you, Sheldon P. Starke,
Attorney at Law.

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