Trademarks & Trade Secret Litigation

1. We Prepare Trademarks and Service Marks.
2. We Assist companies in Trade Secret Preparation and Policing.
3. We Litigate both Trademark & Trade Secret Infringement.
4. We have made law in the area of Trademark Confusion.

Trademarks or Service Marks are a symbol, word or words that acquire legal protection by registering or using the “mark.” Marks are not protected by Copyrights, although a symbol or logo may also have Copyright protection. We search Trademarks and Service Marks . . . and have saved clients thousands of dollars, by providing clients with “InProTools” free of charge, before they spend needless fees on searches.

“InProTools” is knowhow we provide to clients free of charge. Firms usually charge for these processes, if the client can receive them at all, it will generally be with a charge. The only search clients pay for is the search after using “InProTools”.
We promote value.

PLEASE USE ALL OUR RESOURCES WHEN TRADEMARKING! Our background in the history of language, physiology of memory, anthropology, sociology, origin of words, and linguistics (phonetic & phonemic) assist the client in their creation of marks, names and slogans. These services are provided solely within the consultation context. Rather than pay thousands of dollars for an agency to propose these names, marks or slogans, we can assist the client in selection of a mark during a consultation. We do not keep any rights.
We promote value.

WE CAN OFFER REASONS WHY CLIENTS MAY OR MAY NOT CHOOSE A PARTICULAR MARK, NAME OR SLOGAN. After more than forty-years of searching, we can recall similar names, marks or slogans before the client pays for a separate search. This avoids a paying search for the client! Clients save money by our experience.
We promote value.

WHAT IS A TRADE SECRET? A Trade Secret is generally any information, including the whole or any portion or phase of any scientific or technical information, design, process, procedure, formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique, or improvement, or any business information or plans, financial information, or listing of names, addresses, or telephone numbers, which satisfies both of the following:
(1) A value, actual or potential, not generally known and not being readily ascertainable by others, by proper means, who can take it for their own economic value or use.
(2) It must be reasonably kept secret.

These factors must be analyzed professionally and copiously, in preparing trade secret protection . . . or in litigation.