Our Philisophy


There is joy in the representation of others. This practice is people driven. Whoever comes through my door enters a place where they are protected. I make sure that they feel their matters have the gravity of our own and are treated accordingly. Without the assistance of our clients, there is no “practice.” I know it. I appreciate it. In pursuing their business and searching for the best approaches, I begin with an intense review of the facts. I use quality research that experts, authorities and judges use. Lawyers refer matters to me. With a law enforcement background, I frequently use retired F.B.I. agents, retired police chiefs and current and retired federal investigators, authors or authorities in different fields from around the globe. There is almost no time that a client comes in where some novel and exciting approach unfolds because of my unbending intent and creativity—to try to make things right. I’m Blessed with engaging strategies . . . and I use them with vigor. With these tools and regard for others, I find strength to fight–and the capability to seek the best exit strategy where necessary. Meet me. Find out. You’ll see.