Entertainment Law

My interest in Entertainment Law began in college when two naive college students wrote a song for the then Miss Ohio State program. I was one of them. We wrote a famous song that became a standard. In a moment, we grew up when we heard our song, while reaching for a pie in a grocery store. We had sent our song to a famous group and they took it from us! We tried to get help, but we could not find a lawyer who could help us. We parted our ways, he went into medicine and I, into law. I began the practice of entertainment law in 1971. For a review of this firm’s background I invite you to review the tab “Our History.” Simply put: I have experience in almost every kind of entertainment deal, since 1971.

There are special “unit fees” or “transaction fees” available. For the production, agency or distribution businesses, I prepare the necessary documents or licenses. For your interest or concerns, please contact me for details. We can help and we promote value.
In Cleveland the cost of living is much lower than in Los Angeles and New York . . . accordingly, our fees generally reflect that, though our experience would be that of a full partner in those major and worthwhile venues. We recognize where we are and where we came from.
See also: Trademarks & Copyrights.