Employee Handbooks Are Critical!

1. Handbooks permanently shape the employee’s future and impressions, for better or worse. From the employer’s point of view, a handbook is better than a union.
2. “No handbook” quite literally dooms a company. No Handbook=No Legal Protection!
Our handbook saved a multi-million dollar company from a major lawsuit.
Our Handbook has been developed throughout the years. With a victory in our first employment case, Ayden vs. Ground Round, it became clear that no suit would ever have been filed had the employer opted for a well-done, comprehensive handbook. Handbooks need to be prepared by lawyers experienced in employment law . . . Starkelaw is!

A Great Handbook must be CLEAR and contain:

1. Clear and understandable language;

2. Necessary expectations for all;
3. The essential policies and they must be placed impeccably;
4. Equal opportunity is critical, anything less is a lawsuit;
5. Disclaimers are common . . . but must be evident in a proper and legal way;

6. Benefits and Compensation are the expectations. There is an essential phrase that is almost never found in any Handbook—Ask Us! There have been many suits filed because the essential information was missing. We prepare our handbooks with clarity geared to your specific business.