Copyright . . .

is a form of protection provided by the Laws of the United States to authors of “original works of authorship.” Our office has advised copyright protection to hundreds. We have practiced and lectured in major cities about U.S. Copyright Law and Entertainment Law including for the Ohio State Bar Association.

There are court cases impacting what constitutes a properly filed copyright. These courts of appeals decisions are critical and not published on the official Copyright website, because they have yet to be determined by the U.S. Supreme Court. Nonetheless, their applicability or future applications to copyrights are now essential to filings. These cases may adversely affect what was thought to be appropriate copyright and may later not prove to be effective; and, the results may be disastrous! We are aware of these challenges and incorporate possible strategies attempting to avoid these unrecognized problems. Our fees are not only competitive, but they are also discountable when preparing two or more filings.

We promote value.

The unit price for copyright preparation is $290.00. Substantial discounts are provided to clients based on the number of separate copyright filing. Discounts increase as the number of copyrights filed go up. There is no separate hourly fee! For each copyright prepared, the client is responsible for the then current government filing fees and costs.