Be Weary Ye Federal Employee

You may wonder why it is difficult to find counsel for federal employees. The answer is a universal one. My first case was an employment case. By the mid-nineties, employers woke up and became more savvy to Employment Law. The government has been awake for a long time! The difference in the process and the “usual process” for employment lawyers is unbelievable! It was “enough” to learn the mass of employment law, in general. So...
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The “Not My Bag Blog”  is a service to clients by other lawyers in many fields of law that are not my own. Ask us for topics You enjoy. We will request a colleague to write on a topic—ANY LEGAL TOPIC! I have talked to colleagues and they are ready! Obviously, for the “Not My Bag Blog” calls are free and all emails will be responded to. All blog topics anywhere in this site are...
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PUBLISHING (Made Simple) © Sheldon P. Starke, Attorney at Law

Understanding “Publishing” is easy only if you understand the language. As I have said in other articles, there are three basic things you absolutely must know in every business: 1. The units of trade, 2. The price per unit, and 3. The language of the business. In this case the thing that people misunderstand is #3., The Language. Before we get confused about The Language, this one time, let’s ignore it. Consider that a copyright...
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